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Company: Pacific northwest national laboratory 2013 Position: Postdoc research associate


School / High School: Swinburne University of Technology 2009 Specialities: Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering

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Wei Xie

Pacific Northwest National laboratory 2013 to 2014
Postdoc Research Associate
Swinburne University of Technology 2009 to 2013
PhD Research Student
Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology - Ningbo, CN 2007 to 2009
Senior Research Engineer
Creavis Technologies & Innovation, Evonik Industries, Marl, Germany 2006 to 2007
Visiting Scientist
Swinburne University of Technology 2009 to 2013
Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Science and Engineering
Warsaw University of Technology - Warszawa, mazowieckie 2003 to 2005
Master in Materials Science and Engineering

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Us Patents

Hydroxypropylated Starch As A Processing Aid To Improve Resistant Starch Total Dietary Fiber (Tdf) Retention In Direct Expansion Extrusion Applications

US Patent:
2010018, Jul 29, 2010
Jan 22, 2010
Appl. No.:
Wei Luke Xie - Decatur IL, US
Donald Wayne Harris - Springfield IL, US
Brenda L. Waite - Ewing NJ, US
Judy L. Turner - Decatur IL, US
Doris A. Dougherty - Decatur IL, US
International Classification:
A21D 13/06
A21D 2/00
A23P 1/14
A23P 1/12
US Classification:
426 72, 426555, 426550, 426541, 426559, 426516, 426560
A composition comprising from about 3% d.s.b. to about 35% d.s.b. of a first starch, wherein the degree of substitution (DS) of the first starch with a hydroxypropyl group is from about 0.1 to about 0.6; from about 10% d.s.b. to about 50% d.s.b. of a second starch; and from about 15% d.s.b. to about 87% d.s.b. of a flour or a meal. A method, comprising extruding a composition as described above and from about 15% total weight to about 25% total weight water at a temperature from room temperature to about 200 C., to yield an extruded composition comprising less than about 5% total weight water.

Image Recognition To Support Shelf Auditing For Consumer Research

US Patent:
2015008, Mar 26, 2015
Dec 4, 2014
Appl. No.:
- Schaumburg IL, US
Wei Xie - Woodridge IL, US
International Classification:
G06K 9/62
G06T 3/00
G06K 9/00
US Classification:
Image recognition methods, apparatus and articles or manufacture to support shelf auditing for consumer research are disclosed herein. Example methods disclosed herein include comparing a first image signature associated with an input image with a plurality of reference signatures associated with a plurality of reference images to identify a first reference image matching the input image. Such disclosed example methods also include identifying a first group of items depicted in the input image as corresponding to a first group of reference items registered with the first reference image. Such disclosed example methods further include determining a first region of the input image that differs from a corresponding first region of the first reference image, and processing the first region of the input image based on a template to identify a second item depicted in the input image.


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My Mother Li Ruifen (Chinese Edition)

xie wen wei
New World Press
EAN Code:
This book gives an account of famous nutritionist Professor Li Ruifens extraordinary life, describes her unremitting endeavor in exploring, straightening, researching and summarizing China dietary therapy and nutrition cooking experience based on her many years of clinical practices, and she simplif...
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Music Book Of Violin: 1-3 Volumes(With Cd) (Chinese Edition)

xie wei min
Anhui literature and Art Publishing House
EAN Code:
It is the first cooperative publication of violin music by Anhui Literature and Art Publication and CHO Publishing Co.. It is confirmed by readers when the three volumes are published while each volume has few pages which sets obstacle for sale. The new book of three volumes has rich content but t...

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